If you are looking for a business to start why not join the world of mobile caterers and be ahead
of the game.


Mobile Catering - Why should you get involved?

The Street Food revolution or epidemic as it is being called by many in the trade is becoming increasingly popular. Whether you are trading at a festival, a fair or a car boot sale people will always want and need to eat, or even warm up with a hot cup of something, so why shouldn't you and your potential business not be the one to provide it?

Whether you are new to the business or perhaps you are in the food industry but want to expand and go mobile then here are 10 good reasons why a mobile catering business could make a good and profitable business......

1. Security - Join a well established industry. Catering trailers and other forms of mobile catering have been around for many years, but this industry is still very much growing with room for plenty more growth.

2. Profitable - In comparison to many other businesses the mobile catering unit has low overheads meaning greater profits and capital can be paid back quickly.

3. Flexibility - You are the one in charge and therefore you can work, almost when you pick and choose. You pick your location and you pick your hours.

4. Experience - Provided you seek advice and guidance on the key issues and ensure you find suitable sites, then this business does not require masses of experience.

5. Debt Free - No late payment worries or debt collecting to be done. Your customers pay in advance of their purchase so there is no need for credit control! It is a cash business so all straight forward.

6. Loyalty - It is not only about the price for the customer, many businesses have a loyal following and with the options available on the type of unit you could have.....quirkiness could bring fame and reputation. Whichever angle you tackle it from whether it be food style, unit style or just you, this business is not based just on price alone.

7. Expenses - With comparatively low entry rates still available this trade is still a relatively low investment in both time and cost outside of your trading hours.

8. Variety - Once you decide on food style you are not rigidly tied to a specific menu, so if you find something is not selling you can try something new without having the expense of having new menu's printed or having to explain to the customer that the item "is not available" which is never good for business.

9. Location - You do not have to be committed to a specific location if you choose not too. You can experiment to find your ideal location, event or trading style. A lot of our customers have different pitches and events they work depending on the time of year.

10. If all else fails you can always get out quick if you decide it's not for you, which is not as easy in other trading formats. There are no tenancy or lease agreements to worry about which is very important in managing risk, which with a mobile unit is overall considerably low!


All in all lots of reasons to give it a go, with maybe a few negatives which do not have to be a problem if you know what to look out for:-

There are lots of options available so before you quickly start searching mobile catering units to buy on the internet success is all about

- Planning

- Marketing

The better prepared you are, the greater the chance of success!

So have a look around our site and see the range of units that are available, find the style you like and a size that will suit your requirements. Have a think about your ideal food style and menu offering. The equipment you will need to supply the goods. Think about where you would like to trade and research as knowledge is key.