The Bespoke Kiosk


The Bespoke Container

The Bespoke Container is a much stronger and robust version of the kiosk and is tailored to suit your needs.

A container is completely bespoke and perfect for a user who wishes to trade from one place of work that may only have to be moved occasionally so you do not have to pay for all the axles and couplings un-necessarily. The benefits of buying a 4 Sure Container means you can stand out with a uniquely designed unit which looks very permanent, but is actually a temporary structure which can be moved, therefore not requiring planning permission. These well built Semi Permanent units are also perfect to trade at a lower working height enabling you to communicate with your customers on a face-to-face level.

We generally design the container so a Hi-Ab lorry can utilise lifting points on the container to raise and lower the unit from the lorry to the place of trading without damaging the appearance of the container.



Key Benefits for the Bespoke Container:

* Increased security as it cannot be towed away when on site.
* Trading is at a better working height to match the customer.
* May be more suited for local councils and event planners as it blends into the surrounds easier than a trailer, but can still be classed as a mobile unit, therefore does not require planning permission.
* Ideal for people trading from static sites i.e. town centres, shopping centres etc.
* Can be delivered by us using a Hi-Ab lorry or you can arrange your own transport.