The Demountable Kiosk


The Demountable Kiosk

The demountable kiosk is based on either the ST or GT specification and tailored to suit your needs.

A kiosk is perfect for a user who wishes to trade from one place of work that may only have to be moved occasionally. The benefit of buying a 4 Sure Kiosk means you can take advantage of the quality, durability and value for money of our trailer ranges, but without the unnecessary cost of axles and coupling. They a perfect to give the look of a permanent structure, yet are still mobile so do not require planning permission. Demountable Kiosks are also great for users who wish to trade at a lower working height enabling you to communicate with your customers on a face-to-face level. Our kiosks can be designed and constructed with three methods of manoeuvring the units in mind.

Method 1 - This is would suit the user who wishes to stay in one place of trading.

We design the kiosk so a Hi-Ab lorry can utilise lifting points on the kiosk to raise and lower the unit from the lorry to the place of trading without damaging the appearance of the kiosk. This can become expensive if you wish to move on a regular basis.

Method 2 - For the more frequent user in different venues (i.e. events and large shows).

The kiosk would be designed and constructed to fit on to a custom chassis that locks on during transit and would enable lifting of the unit with the use of a forklift from either side. Perfect if you have access to a folklift at your trading locations.

Method 3 - For the user who wishes to be able to load and un-load the kiosk on their own where ever they wish.

The kiosk can be offered with the option of a manual or hydrualic lifting pack and the kiosk is then modified and constructed to suit our own custom designed chassis. This would enable you to lift the demountable kiosk on and off without the use of expensive lifting equipment. We can supply the kiosks with or without the chassis depending on your requirements.

Key Benefits for the Demountable Kiosk:

* Increased security as it cannot be towed away when on site.
* Trading at a better working height to match the customer.
* Possibly suited to local councils and event planners as it blends into the surrounds easier than a trailer, but can still be classed as a mobile unit.
* Forklift locating points to prevent damage to the unit when lifting the kiosk.
* Available to buy kiosk on its own without the trailer reducing initial costs.
* Ideal for people trading from static sites i.e. town centres, shopping centres etc.
* Can be delivered by us using our own custom built chassis or for wider kiosks by lorry.