Vintage asquith conversion


Vintage Asquith Conversion




This is a uniquely converted 1983 Ford Asquith. We were able to maintain the vehicles style and vintage look whilst transforming it into a catering unit.

Specification for the Asquith Conversion:

* Heavy duty stainless steel counters throughout,
* Stainless steel push out frame & counter with heavy duty sliding tracks           
* Sinks, water system - 2Kw water system with swivel tap           
* Walls, roof and under hatch cladded with reclaim wood effect timber       
* Angled shelf to offside and wooden crates for storage, illuminated by 12volt strip LED lighting           
* Angled menu panel along front of push out counter           
* Cut side of vehicle and install large hatch panel on Nitro gas struts
* 3-phase (400v) 16A electrical supplies into vehicle with full distribution panel + sockets throughout to power all appliances           
* Bespoke glass screen system fitted around cooking chargrills + full length sneezescreen with glass top.